My aim by creating Contour Cartography, was to bring truth, beauty and goodness to each location explored through a watercolor lens. The idea of goodness was formed out of my aspiration to positively impact the community local to the locations shown in my maps. However small, I hope to bring goodness to the locations we live in, admire & have yet to explore.

Which products are eligible for a portion of the proceeds to be donated to a charity?

I am actively locating local charities for the city maps already available in my shop. Each product listing will be updated once an organization has been reviewed and determined to align with the goal of improving the local community.

How are the charities chosen?

Each is chosen with the purpose of making an positive impact on the local community represented in the map. Recommendations are always welcome at:

How often are donations sent to the organizations?

Unless otherwise noted, the donations are sent annually to the respective charitable organizations.